HYMN (for zoersel), 1999, sound piece, 3’20”, composition: michel hatzigeorgiu & claudia radulescu, mandoline michel hatzigeorgiu, voices michel hatzigeorgiu, daniel romeo, claudia radulescu, production city of zoersel. view of the exhibition “real time @ zoersel”, zoersel park - belgium, curators uli lindmayr & stijn huijts.

Hymne 1

Hymne 2

Claudia Radulescu composes a hymn for a park as an invitation to a promenade. Guided by the sound the one who walks is drawn to the sonar source. Here, two sources are proposed: an acute, suave sound generated by the chords of a mandolin, placed in the middle of the coral with wild Mongolian horses, and the other one coming from the woody part of the park – with human voices commonly singing and mumbling the same tune. The wind carries the sound, the sounds join in altitude, and the sources are catchy.

The hymn is composed of: parts borrowed from anthems and the most popular arias. After hearing it once or twice we can easily croon it, being strongly present in our memory.