CASTING FOR PARADISE, claudia radulescu 1996, non spoken, 45 min.

Actors: Aline Bouvy, Enzo Picinato, Thomas Vazquez, Anne Humblet, Yannick Carlier, Dirk Meylaerts, Frédéric Bousson, Vera Weisgerber, Aliette Vliers, Gilles Vanneste, Stephanie Desmarais, Tim Stappaerts, Valérie Berteau, Marc Hall, Delphine Charrueau.

(…) C.R. sets up a casting like organizing a party between friends, an experience led and shared by many persons. The abstract, immaterial space, in which amateur actors perform, deprives us of any detail, forcing us to focus on the bodies. A real esthetics emerges, by the definite consideration of the individuals, whose personality is discovered little by little by the evolved behavior, releases itself from the presence of the camera.
Anne Langlois – “Le journal du 12e Festival du Film Court de Brest »

(…) C.R. analyses the human rapports happening during a casting meeting for a film or for a photo session which will not actually occur. The artistic qualities transforms the human relations in a colorful and smooth canvas, evoking an artificial paradise where everything seems to be perfect, but where the beings appear fragile and disconnected from themselves.
Michel François