“younès, pour le musée national”, claudia radulescu & aline bouvy, 2006, 2000 ex.

Subjective studies surrounding and under the influence of the Moroccan youth culture from Brussels, reunited under the « style magazine » form, french-arabic bilingual, freely distributed in Brussels.

" Younès presents itself as a generic name, symbol of a generation, imagined as an icon, transformed into a museum one, yet missing from the “collection”. The idea is to offer both the public and the minority, hereby considered as a subject, its own image which from our point of view would become a “valuable and parade object”, a “cultural heritage” not yet included in a repertoire, a present which we are offering to the City and to the Museum. "
Claudia Radulescu, Aline Bouvy

Dedicated to:
Fandeli, Grogro, Algerino, Nartot, Chinobi, Raclet, Young, Musto, Mini la Haine, Gichon, Vantar, Cauchemar, Bross, Tropico, Memech, Chaton, Porini, Carbonnier, Psychatrès, Bellow.